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Best Greek Olive Oil

Theoni Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Tin) 500ml

Theoni Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Tin) 500ml

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Introducing multiple award winning Theoni Extra Virgin Olive Oil. sourced from Astros a picturesque small town, nestled two hours south of Athens in the Peloponnese region of Greece.

Revered as the local oil of choice among the community, this consistently good liquid Gold is a testament to the exceptional quality of Olive Oil from this area. With tasting notes of Green Almond, aromatic herbs, subtle walnut and punchy black pepper, it delivers a harmonious symphony of flavours.

This oil is used for all forms of cooking and is an excellent health giving option. It is particularly delicious as a dip with sourdough bread and as a dressing on green salad vegetables with some good Salt. It also adds a delicious extra layer of flavour to homemade hummus and other dips. It is delicious used to cook all vegetables and a key component of the Mediterannean diet

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