Who we are!

@bestgreekoliveoil is the brainchild of Jenni Spice. Proprietor of Spice Fine Foods Ltd. Passionate foodie, Farmers Daughter, Cook, Longtime Sea Swimmer and as a result, traveller to Greece. Me.

Being an "Eater" one of the things I enjoy most on Holiday is the food. In particular the local food. Being a 'daughter of the earth' I want to hear how it is grown and harvested and used and ultimately chosen by the most discerning of consumer.

As such, I love eating in traditional Greek Tavernas where most of what you eat has been grown right there and where the locals eat. Not the upmarket versions which while delicious, arent the true food of an area. No-one in there will drive 45 minutes over a Mountain for Oil or barrel aged Feta from a particular producer. I want the food which feels like home. For me thats perfection!

Around 10 years ago, while working with a small charity in Greece, I discovered and was offered the opportunity to import and distribute a multi award winning Greek Olive Oil. So, I took it and did!

Using a proper hand me down car and all of a meagre paycheck I set about buying and selling this Oil. I sell at Markets wherever I can.

Noone who tastes my Oil leaves disappointed. I love converting customers...once they compare this oil to supermarket oils there is no going back.

That was the start of all this... 

You are so welcome to my site.