Fasolakia Lathera (Greek Green Beans)

Fasolakia Lathera (Greek Green Beans)

I am on a bit of a Health Kick. I have had 6 months of 'horizontal' after shoulder surgery and then an acute flareup of an old back injury. So in addition to intermittent fasting (18:6) for those who are interested...I am adopting a Mediterranean diet. By last week I had a stone and a half off..so it is working! 

This dish is from a category of Greek Dishes called 'Lathera'. This literally means Vegetables cooked in Olive Oil. It feels kind of counterintuitive as a cooking method, for me anyway. So much Oil! But theres a good reason for that - Good Extra Virgin Olive Oil is THE magic ingredient, It adds such a depth of flavour to dishes and in particular vegetables. Something magic happens between the plants! You can taste the goodness they have been clinically proven to absorb. When I eat potatoes cooked this way I imagine it is the Greek version of 'spuds with butter'. A complete meal if you want! Just really simple healthy wholesome food.

Anyway Trust the process...and the quantity of Oil.



For 2 people


2 Large Potatoes

1 packet of Green Beans (I got mine for 86p from Lidl)

3 Tomatoes - dont have to be fancy.. Salad tomatoes are fine

100ml of Good Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil

1 tsp of Cheats Garlic/2 cloves crushed

Seasoning - Salt and Black Pepper

Herbs if you fancy. I had none!


1. Peel Potatoes and cut into half/quarter - just make sure they are all sort of even sizes - soak in a bowl of Cold Water

2. Prepare your beans - top and tail and your tomatoes - finely dice and take away any 'wee green bit'

3. Heat Oil in Saucepan.

4. Drain and dry Potatoes and put into Oil to simmer - stir so everything is coated and cook for 2/3 mins

5. Add Beans - Stir so everything well coated with Oil.

6. Add all other ingredients, Season and stir well

7. Add hot water - 75-100mls

8. Turn down to simmer and put lid on pan. Simmer for about 40mins. Keep an eye on it. You dont want it watery. If the Potatoes are cooked when you stick a fork in them and there is still water..put it onto a rapid boil until it is well reduced - not burnt though!

9. Once the potatoes are cooked and you are happy with the amount of liquid left. Take off the heat and give a good stir then put the lid back on and let it sit for 15 mins to settle and absorb even more flavour.

Serve with crumbled Feta and some good bread for the sauce!



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